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Field Rentals

By Admin, 05/09/18, 3:45PM AKDT


Field Rental for 2020

WAIVER REQUIRED for practices at Hez Ray or South Davis Fields. 

Attached is field waiver, we will only allow one team at a time in the complex for practice.  Please email your requests to 

It is imperative you follow our mitigation plan and adhere to distancing mandates set forth by the State.  

  • Fill out the form in detail. 
  • Please list all persons at the fields with you at the time of practice.
  • You will be responsible for all persons in your party. 
  • Sanitize your area of use. 
  • Please clean up after yourself.
  • Follow all posted rules in the complex. 

Failure to follow guidelines set in this notice will result in suspension of your team for each infraction. 

Please don't instant message or text or any other form of interacting media other than emailing directly to our association address.  Those requests will not be answered nor will you get the day/time you designate, as well.  

This is the only way currently we can keep all requests coming in, organized in one area with a time stamp.  

Thanks for your time.